Moving House, Moving On…

Hey folks,

As some of you may know, my face won’t be around much at Oulton this season, as I made a few rather drastic changes in my life over the past month and I’m now living in Yorkshire and am on the hunt for local things to marshal.

I’m going to be showing my face at the MotoCross tracks in Doncaster, as well as Donnington Park, Mallory and Croft over the coming months, but I still need to pull my finger out and sign up to some dates via the wonderful BMMC.

If any of you are from Yorkshire and want to give me advice, please feel free to shower me with your joy!

Also, can I take a moment to tell you about a little girl I am raising money for; 3 year old Ebonie needs to travel to the USA to get treatment for a brain tumour, this has a rather hefty price tag of £65000 something which her parents don’t just have lying around.

Although there is ongoing fundraising, I am helping out with an event to be held in Barnsley on April 3, and am looking for anything at all to help us send Ebonie for her treatment, whether that be cash donations or raffle prizes, every little helps.

If you can help, or you know anyone with the heart to help a young girl on her fight for survival, please email me

There is so much money in this world, why should a little girl have to suffer to stay alive?


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