Is It Just Me, Or Does Anyone Else Think Putting Eyelashes On Your Car Is Ridiculous?

Over recent weeks I keep being bumping into (not literally, thank God) cars with eyelashes glued around the headlights. At first I thought it was some joker who had stuck a set of falsies on their mates car, but as I keep seeing more and more, I begin to think that people are actually thinking these are some kind of vehicle fashion accessory.

Since I began driving, I’ve seen ‘fashion phases’ come and go, with people having weird lights underneath their cars which make them look like a mobile kitchen, stupid Mickey mouse heads screwed onto the radio aerial that undoubtedly get smashed off if you ever drive under a low bridge, and above all, we have ALL been privy to the ridiculous foam placards that people ‘hilariously’ dangle from their rear windscreen, emblazoned with ‘Dad’s Taxi’ and whatnot.

So, are stick on eyelashes the way forward? Personally I think the only people who should be wearing these spidery, fake lashes are orange chavs who wear Ugg boots and those tops that look like swimming costumes with the leg holes peeking out about their grey sweatpants. Perhaps they should stick these on their cars, because, well, if they’re not cruising around in a Subaru Impreza, chances are they’ve got a shed load of money from t’dole office and can afford to spend it on a lovely Fiat 500, some superglue and bits of black material.

That brings me onto my main problem with these mobile fashion accessories… they have RUINED my two favourite cars… the only vehicles I have seen them flapping across the bonnets of, have been beautiful little Mini’s and Fiat 500’s – the two cars that I’m angling for my boss / dad / mum / love interest to buy me when they win the lottery.

To be honest though, if someone bought me a convertible Mini, I would love it more than I love my Chanel bag; regardless of whether it had fake eyelashes, hair extensions or an Amy Winehouse tribute beehive, with real bees, in the boot.

If I was a car with eyelashes….
…. I’d look like this

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