Diet Chef – Today Is A Tough Day, Will I Ever See A Change?

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” – Kate Moss.

Well Kate, that may be true, except when you are not allowed to taste anything other than diet food. In those cases, EVERYTHING tastes as good as skinny feels, especially if it has cheese on.

I am four days into diet chef now and have lost 2lbs – albeit that 2lbs was on day one. The food is great so far, and I have been adding vegetables here and there to give me a bit extra when I feel particularly peckish. When I got on the scales on Saturday morning to find I had dropped to 12 stone on the dot, I was happy!

However, the weekend came, and whilst I almost stuck to the plan rigidly, I did have to have a chicken salad roll yesterday at lunch time as I went out for the day and couldn’t heat up my soup, so when I weighed myself yesterday evening, I was back to the same weight as I was when I started.

Maybe I should just weigh myself on a morning from now on, although I was too terrified to get on the scales this morning for fear of really being 12 stone 2lbs again. That’s not right is it? Being terrified of getting on the scales when I am dieting?

The problem is, I didn’t drink at all in January, and didn’t shift one pound – I have been going to the gym and nothing’s changed, I just feel stuck in this horrible, fat rut of a size 12/14 and that I will never be able to feel comfortable in my own skin.

Yes, I’m having a down day today, and it’s that feeling that makes me want to raid the free cake / crisps / sandwich platter in the work kitchen rather than treat myself to another Green Tea. Feel free to ‘inspire’ me.

I treated myself to a new Chanel lipstick to cheer me up. It didn’t really work, but here’s a photo.



  1. as well as adding your veg are you having plenty water? ive lost 1st 4lbs in four weeks. I drink 1ltr and half of water a day, have my 5 portions of fruit and veg and an allowance of milk every day. at the moment I don’t do a whole heap of exercise but my job is one where I’m always on the go. Not sure if this is any help to you.

    • Thank you Annabel! Does drinking water actually help? I am a green tea / coffee drinker during the day, but happy to try anything!

      I do have my veg and my fruit, but I hate milk so sadly that is only a wee drop on my granola in a morning…

      Thanks for the words of advice and way to go on the weight loss, I am envious and hope I can say the same soon!!! 🙂 xx

      • The water defo does Hun we should all have an intake of 2ltrs a day so i have 1 and half plus my teas and coffees. If you dnt want milk make sure you have some dairy maybe a portion of cheese instead of milk. Its all about balancing it dairy wheat veg fruit water etc you’ll get ur weight loss too Hun good luck x

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