A Trip To Italy & I Fall Off The Wagon

It’s been over a week since my last post, and I have to be honest – I’ve fallen off the wagon (a bit). I had to go to Italy for a business trip at the weekend and didn’t take my Diet Chef food with me, nor did I stick to any strict rules over food, as I love pasta and wine…. Needless to say, last Monday the scales informed me I had put 2lbs back on.

So, this week I’ve stuck to the programme and am hoping for some better news this coming Monday, because if I haven’t lost anything else I may as well just throw in the towel… how come so many people post ‘I’ve lost 6lbs in the first week?’ how is that even possible?

I’m ill and even counting the calories in strepsils and lemsip, but there are people out there losing half a stone in a week?!? It’s just soul-destroying and simply not fair – why don’t these fat cells want to bugger off and let me feel like a princess?

On the upside, I did find a ‘Ginetta’ branded apron whilst I was out in Italy which I need to get my hands on for UK cookery times, it looks like a cute little dress and I am sure it will make eating salad and fish a lot more exciting!

I should also be receiving my next ‘batch’ of food over the next couple of weeks, which includes these ‘pasta pots’ that I keep seeing everyone ranting about on social media, so I will be looking forward to giving them a whirl at lunch time.

So far so good with the rest of the meals though, the only one I haven’t liked thus far is the gluten free muesli which tasted a little bit like eating wallpaper paste, but if that’s the only criticism, you’re doing alright Diet Chef.


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