When is enough, enough?

I’m two days into a fortnight off work and I’m already bored. Yesterday I cleaned the house from top to bottom, took my boyfriend a Starbucks into work and did all the laundry, plus all towels, bedding, cushion covers and mats I could find, and today I have popped a beef casserole into the slow cooker, wrapped a few presents and watched three episodes of ‘Homeland’ and last nights ‘Made in Chelsea’.

Now, as I stare at the blinking cursor on my laptop screen, I wonder to myself ‘have I bought enough presents for everyone or should I go shopping. Again?’ Why is it that at Christmas, you have to lavish the ones you love with gifts, and then buy useless presents for those you don’t actually want to buy for, but are shamed into doing so because they treat you.

I can tell you wholeheartedly that I don’t need another pack of bath bombs or hand cream, because I already have five left over from the Christmas that was 2014. I have enough pairs of socks to kit out a football team and I don’t trust anyone else’s judgement when it comes to hats, scarves or gloves.

My mum and I do Christmas just right, we give each other lots of little things that are inexpensive but useful – for example, I asked for nail polish remover, cotton wool, tinted moisturiser, leggings, tights and some leather gloves, because that is what I need, and I’d rather have something that saves me going out and buying it, over another hot water bottle with a novelty cover or some PJ’s which don’t fit.

The problem is, my boyfriend is just unbelievably fantastic at buying gifts, so much so that it puts me to shame. I know that he subtly takes notes whenever we are shopping and I say ‘ooh, that’s nice’ or when we are at home and I have to traipse to the fridge to top up my Prosecco whilst moaning “Mark, I neeeeeeeed an ice bucket so I can have my wine no more than one arm’s length away at any given time.”

So the problem is have is this, I have already guessed most of my presents by feeling around under the tree whenever he is out, and I know damn well he has done better (again) than me. So what do I do? I have got some good presents, but most are cheap and cheerful to make up the numbers – it was his birthday in November so I used all my fabulous ideas then, I peaked too soon so to speak – so I wonder if I should face the masses and see what else I can find for him?

I’m going to online shop for a bit whilst I make up my mind, so please feel free to share your advice.

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  1. Your getting drawn into the same dilemma again if you try to ‘Out-shop’ your other half. Men (or at least the ones I know) are very simple creatures, unless you happen to have been a bloke in a previous life, you’ll find it impossible to be innovative with gifts and get it right. Simply make a special effort in the ‘bedroom’ department, and he won’t give a toss what’s under the tree, after all he can’t get that from anyone else, or buy it himself, and I doubt he would ever complain of recieving that too often…

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