Vida Forever – A bid to stay looking youthful

After blogging about my complete novice status when it comes to ‘serious’ skincare, those lovely folks at Vida Forever have come to my growing old aid and hooked me up with a lovely kit to test out my facial woes.

Ann, from their care team has been ever so helpful in assessing my existing and perceived future worries and tailoring a range of products specifically targeted to my very own face. They came to the conclusion that I had ‘nice, pale skin with a normal completion – aside from an oily forehead. Currently doesn’t have a decent skincare routine but would like to start one’ – pretty much spot on.

So, what’s in the box?


They picked out a selection from their Toskani range which included Aquabalance Cream, Aquabalance Mesoserum, Purifying Scrub, Energising Cleanser and Bamboo Hydratonic. Not only that, but I received a handy letter highlighting what I could find in my ‘bag of swag’, what each product was for, and how to use it.

Here’s what they had to say

“Welcome to Vida Essential, an on-line store of professional quality products for home use. Our sister company has been supplying the medical sector for over 6 years and we now want to bring pharmaceutical quality cosmetics to the general market. 

Specially selected based on the results they deliver, our products can be found in the best clinics in the world, backed by years of experience in the beauty and aesthetic industry. Here are the links which will introduce you to the aesthetic cosmetics.”

Take a look! // //

I’m going to take a picture of my face without any makeup this evening, and another one in a month from now once I’m implemented this skincare routine when I’ll bring you the lowdown on everything Toskani.

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